About Us

With a mission to promote art, culture & community in downtown Wakefield, the Albion Cultural Exchange (ACE) offers live music, art education and open studio gallery events.  ACE is located in the heart of downtown Wakefield at 9 Albion Street, and our main floor gallery is open for various art and cultural events.

If you would like to partner with us on any of our programs, please e-mail us at albionculturalexchange@gmail.com.

Artist Directory

The Albion Cultural Exchange in partnership with the Arts Collaborative of Wakefield maintains a local artist directory.  The directory can be viewed at the following  link: 

Building History

The Albion Cultural Exchange first began as the Wakefield Post Office in 1910.
MACRIS Building Listing

Public Art

The Albion Cultural Exchange is an advocate and creator of Public Art. 

We partnered with the Wakefield High School Visual Arts Department and the Wakefield Farmers Market to paint the storage shed on the lake at Hall Park.

Future potential projects switch-box beautifications, a lakeside art walk, downtown public art in addition to other public art projects that may present themselves.