Bring The Good begins January 21st at ACE

"Bring The Good" is a refreshing new concept and art show produced by Christopher J. Carino and Jamie Dean along with the Lynnfield Art Guild. The show will be running at the Albion Cultural Exchange located at 9 Albion Street in Downtown Wakefield on six consecutive Friday Evenings from 5 to 7:30pm, January 21st through February 25th 2022. The show is about positive vibes, big color and the confidence we all gain by promoting the ever-present good we have in our lives. The show will represent the colors of Summer to lift spirits through the long dark Winter months. 

   The term "Bring The Good" is a catch-all approach to life. "It just clicked with us this past year and we realized quickly it was something special we wanted more of," according to Jamie Dean, the show's co-producer.

   In addition to the positive energy the show represents, it will also feature many new to ACE artists from members of the Lynnfield Art Guild. "As a regional artist hub, ACE is now attracting artists and attendees from all over the North Shore of Boston" said Christopher J. Carino, the show's Executive Producer and Chairperson of the Albion Cultural Exchange. "The show is all about positivity, mindfulness and the creative economy's impact in our booming Downtown Arts District," Carino said.

   Beverly Cook of the Lynnfield Art Guild is responsible for beginning the new relationship with the Albion Cultural Exchange and the Lynnfield Art Guild. She reached out to the ACE team after hearing about the recently completed gallery renovations. Dan Abenaim, President of the Lynnfield Art Guild along with the "Hanging Team" have also been instrumental in providing support and design to the galleries layout for this show. The Lynnfield Art Guild team is excited to bring their energy and works to the Albion Arts District and Downtown Wakefield for this high energy show.

   "Bring The Good" will be opening on Friday January 21, 2022 from 5:00 to 7:30pm. The show will run for six consecutive Friday nights ending on February 25, 2022. In addition to the dates open to the general public, the Albion Cultural Exchange also offers private tour experiences.(PTE) These tours are designed for individuals and small groups that prefer a more private opportunity to view the art work. (Email for details and to coordinate times.) All COVID and public health guidelines will be followed and masks are required for admittance.

ACE Finishing Major Renovations

"ACE looks absolutely amazing" according to Christopher J. Carino, Chairperson and Construction Project Manager for the Albion Cultural Exchange.  In March of 2020 the Albion Cultural Exchange was set to debut phase one of facility improvements including new accessible bathrooms and then the pandemic hit.  "We had to cancel everything" according to Carino.

After some reflection, the Albion Cultural Exchange Committee (ACE team) continued to move forward with phase two of a renovation plan outlined by many studies and funded by grants from the State.  The concept is to bring the facility into a true arts incubator as envisioned by work done with the Massachusetts Area Planning Council (MAPC).  The ACE team along with MAPC was able to  project a direct correlation to improvements in the Downtown Economy by integrating elements of the local Creative Economy.

"The Creative Economy is key to the overall health of Downtown and the community at large" according to  Carino.  "When people come to our facility, they also patronize local restaurants and shops," he said.  Additionally, "The Creative Economy supports Mindfulness of our town residents and visitors."

The list of improvements over the last two years is long and includes:

"We believe we have created a first class gallery space that will serve the community for many years to come." according to Carino. 

Along the way the ACE team included local vendors such as Bob Sardella of Sardella Sign and Displays, Daniel Lozzi Jr. of Dan's Floor Covering and Rich Testa of Testa Lighting Design. ACE has also received donations from The Savings Bank & Laurie Hunt of North Star Realtors this past year.

The Albion Cultural Exchange has many events coming up where the recent renovations will be on full display and available for the public to see including:

In addition to the upcoming shows, the ACE team is working with State officials (Senator Jason Lewis, Representatives Donald Wong & Representative Kate Lipper-Garabedian) to secure funding for more accessibility improvements throughout the facility along with other multi-year goals for the facility. The ACE team is also very grateful for the assistance of Town Administrator Stephen Maio and DPW Business Manager Ann Waitt for helping us process our construction contracts and bills.

    The Albion Cultural Exchange is located in the heart of Downtown Wakefield at 9 Albion Street. The building was originally constructed as a Post Office in 1910 and also used for many years as administrative offices for the Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department (WMGLD). For the past 7 years, the building has been known as the Albion Cultural Exchange and the facility supports Art, Culture and Community by integrating the Creative Economy into the community for the benefit of all. For more information please email

    Upcoming Events

    Below are a list of events scheduled.  If you would like to host an event at the ACE, please fill out an application. Proposals may be submitted any time, there is no deadline.

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